Coagulant MARZYME MT 2200


Marzyme is an enzyme produced by the fermentation of a purified culture of the fungal specie Rhizomucor miehei. Marzyme MT 2200 (2200 IMCU / g (International Milk Clotting Units)) belongs to the group of coagulants of microbial origin.

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Composition: Protease (origin Rhizomucor miehei), sodium chloride

Usage levels: Suggested typical doses:

Fromage fraise 0,3 g + 3 ml water / 100 l vat milk

Goat cheese 0,3…0,65 g + 3…6,5 ml water / 100 l vat milk

Semi-hard cheese 1,2…1,5 g + 12…15 ml water/ 100 l vat milk

Cheddar and Italian cheese 2,3…2,7 g + 23…27 ml water / 100 l vat milk

*Individual dosages determined by the following factors:

-temperature of the cheese milk

– cheese milk pH at renneting

– cheese type and desired setting time

– characteristic of the culture

– calcium content natural / added

Direction for use: Condition depending of the technology used and on the desired product characteristics. The rennet has a double action in the cheese making process:1)  hydrolysis of the Kappa casein which gives clotting of the milk. 2) proteolytic activity during the ripening of the cheese.

In powder form, rennet is reconstituted instantly when diluted in chlorine free cold water. Dilute it 10 times before use (example: dissolve 100g of powder in 900 ml cold water without chlorine).

The data below gives a general guidelines as to the average quantities used for 100 litres of milk:

Acidified fresh cheese                   300 – 900 IMCU

Matured lactic curd:                       1000 – 1800 IMCU

Semi-hard cheese:                         2600 – 3300 IMCU

Cheddar and Italian

Semi-hard cheese                           5100 – 5900 IMCU

Storage: Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry and dark area. Shipment at room temperature. Shelf life: 24 months from production date at a temperature between 0°C and + 7°C.

Produced by: DuPont Danisco France SAS

Certified by Halal and Kosher


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