Semi-Automatic Capping machine GCS/SA-06 for TWIST-OFF lids


The machine is designed for closing jars with twist-off lids with or without vacuum environment. Lids are placed on the jars by hand. During the capping process the air will be removed from the jar. The operation is controlled by pedal.

NB! This is the basic device price!

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Producer: Veikand Service Center

Model: GCS/SA-06

Jar moulds: not included

Productivity: max 300 jars per hour.

Lid diameter: Ø 58-110 mm

Jar diameter: Ø 60-100 mm

Height of the jar: according to the sample or up to 170 mm. Higher version with special request.

Vacuum, standard option max. – 0,75

Electricity power: 0.25 kW / 230 V / 50 Hz

Outside dimensions L x W x H: 560 x 825 x 865 mm

Weight: 94 kg


NB! Additional moulds (not included):

1 set tools/moulds (3 pc) standard measures:                                750,00 EUR + VAT

Additional mould for different jar diameter:                               1 880,00 EUR + VAT

Additional mould for same jar diameter but new height:            990,00 EUR + VAT

Possible additional accessories (not included):

Vacuum option, deep vacuum till – 0,98                                       1 880,00 EUR + VAT

MAP gas option (Mixed gas)                                                         1 850,00 EUR + VAT 

Lower cabinet/trolley for machine (610 x 905 x 720 mm)          475,00 EUR + VAT

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 82,5 × 56 × 86,5 cm