Form for kebab


This form will form any minced and seasoned meat onto skewers.

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Meat capacity: 60 – 120 g per stick

Forming plate of 12 holes and with 20 mm diameter

Stainless steel

Complete with 200 sticks

Sticks dimensions: 3 x 200 mm

Form dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 95 x 210 mm

Weight: 2,05 kg

Instructions for use: Put the outer box, with the handles downwards, on a table, then put the forming plate with the holes in it and fill it with approx. 1 kg ground meat. Place the plastic plate on top into the inner box. Put the outer box with filling over the inner box. Push the skewers, with the point downwards, centrically through the holes of the plastic skewer guide, so that the point is fixed in the holes. Press the outer box firmly down at both handles.


2 , 05 kg


12 × 9 , 5 × 21 cm