E-store registration guide

How to buy from the e-store?

Registration as an e-shop user

You can access the e-shop with a username and password. You become a user register at the checkout by clicking the “Create an account?” button. Fill in the required form and complete it order by clicking the “Place an order” button. Your username is your email address and account you can enter the password yourself. A confirmation of registration will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

What are your choices after you have logged in?

– You can see information concerning your previous orders;
– You can change your (contact) information;
– You can purchase new items from the online shop.

Adding items into your shopping cart

After you have found a suitable item from our online shop, press “Add to shopping cart”. After that you can continue your shopping or begin placing your order in the shopping cart section. To purchase your item(s), click on the link “Check your shopping cart.”

Later you can check the items added into your shopping cart by clicking on the button “Shopping cart” in the upper right corner.

Checking your shopping cart

1. Add your desired items into the shopping cart.
2. Check your shopping cart and verify that you have the right items and quantities there.
3. To purchase your items, press on the button „Go to checkout“.

Buyer data

– Fill in your information and choose a payment method;
– You can pay for your items via a suitable bank link or a prepayment invoice;
– Be sure to read the online shop’s terms of use and mark that you have read them.


– Pick the items up yourself at Välja 7, Pärnu 80010 – 0 €
– DPD parcel machines from 3,50 €
– Omniva parcel machines from 3,50 €
– Itella SmartPOST parcel machines from 3,90 €
– DPD courier service from 5,90 €
– Venipak courier service from 9,90 €

You can receive the goods from the address Välja 7, Pärnu 80010, immediately after paying for the goods. The goods will be delivered by courier or parcel machine within 3 working days from the payment of the invoice.

If you choose a parcel machine as the transport method, please wait for the SMS notification of the package’s arrival.

If the contents of the shopping cart exceed 300 €, the goods will be delivered to the customer free of charge.


You can pay through Montonio Finance OÜ and PayPal payment solutions.

After you have finished making the payment in the online bank environment, be sure to press the button “Back to the merchant” („Tagasi kaupmehe juurde”). An order confirmation is displayed to confirm the order and payment.

NB! We will start filling the order after receipt of the invoice, the delivery time will be postponed by the number of days delayed by the payment.

Fulfilling your order and tracking your delivery

After you have made your purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that informs you about the succesful fulfillment of the order. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, call +372 446 4930 for additional information.

An e-mail will be sent after the item(s) have been sent on their way as well. The items will be delivered by our partner courier company within 3 working days.

Returning the items

If your ordered items are not functioning or have been damaged during the delivery, contact us immediately via the information number +372 446 4930 or e-mail: netipood@veikand.ee

You have the right to return the item(s) within 14 days after delivery and get a refund (including transporation costs).

When returning the items, pack them into their original packages and be sure to add the invoice.

If you have any questions concerning the delivery or returns, call +372 446 4930.

Repairs and maintenance

What do you need to do if your device is not functioning?

First you must check whether you are using your device in accordance with the instruction manual.

If your device still isn’t working , find the documents that prove your purchase.

If you have any issues concerning repairs and maintenance, please contact the Veikand Service Center via e-mail service@veikand.ee or by phone +372 385 3082.

If you do not have a document that proves your purchase, you can not send your faulty device to be repaired.

What do you need to do before sending your device to be repaired?

Send only faulty devices and/or accessories that are necessary to define the deficiency of the device to the repair shop.

Is the repair work free?

Veikand will remove the deficiencies revealed during the complaint period for free.
The complaint period lasts for 24 months and starts from the purchase date.

Veikand will not remove the deficiencies revealed during the complaint period for free, if the deficiency is caused by:

– normal wear;
– improper use or maintenance (also if the device has been serviced or repaired by an unauthorized individual);
– removing,changing or damaging the serial number or inspection sticker;
– deficiencies that were found and explained to the customer by Veikand before purchasing the item;
– external factors. Including lightning strikes, improper electrical voltage and voltage fluctuations, humidity, fluids, mechanical injuries etc.

Veikand will rely on the expertise (diagnose) of the Veikand Service Center when determining the liability factors. If the examination reveals that the deficiency is caused by the factors explained above, but it is possible to repair the device, you have the option to pay for the repairs. If the device has mechanical or fluid-related damage, the device will not be repaired for free in the future as well.

If Veikand is not responsible for the elimination of the deficiency of the device and the repair of the device is not possible, you have to pay for the performed expertise (diagnostics). You also have to pay for the performed expertise (diagnostics) if Veikand does not find any fault in your device and the device is in accordance with the technical requirements of manufacturer.

You do not have to pay for the expertise for the first 6 months after the purchase date.

If you do not agree with our position, you must prove that:
– there is a deficiency (that is not in accordance with the contract);
– the deficiency or its cause existed during the moment of delivery;
– Veikand is responsible for the deficiency.

After you have found a deficiency during the first 6 month period you must prove that:

– there is a deficiency (that is not in accordance with the contract);
– the deficiency or its cause was revealed during those 6 months (the client contacted Veikand within the first 6 month period).

If Veikand has given the device a warranty, we will guarantee the elimination of the deficiency according to the warranty conditions.

How long is the repair time?

It depends on the deficiency. Usually it does not exceed 14 calendar days. The actual repair time will be agreed upon after you have brought the device in to be repaired.

What if the device is repaired several times?

If the fault starts to appear frequently and it is not removable, the device will be replaced or you will be given a refund. There is no set limit for the number of times the device can be repaired, but as a rule the device will be replaced or refunded after the fault has appearad for three times.

What if I don’t know how to use the device?

Try to seek help from the user manual. If you can’t find the user manual, you can find it in our e-shop in the product’s additional information.

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