White PP bucket with handle 11L


White 11L bucket with a lid and handle, which is suitable for use in food packaging.

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Upper diameter: 290 mm

Lower diameter: 260 mm

Height: 270 mm

Weight:  425 ±5% g

Material: Polypropylene homopolymer/copolymer

Application: vegetable preserves, marinated vegetables, vegetable salads, fruits, tomato sauce, fruit preserves (jams, preserves, plum jams), mustard, mayonnaise, ice-creams, marinated fish, ready-made fish products, salt fish, caramel, syrup, dry loose food products, dry vegetable mixture, mealy dishes, milk preserves, vegetable/animal fats, popcorn, chips, cookies, sweets, peanuts, feed for animals and others.

Storage conditions:

Temperature from 5 to 35oC.

Relative humidity: < 80%, no direct sunlight exposure, dry, clean, rodent and insect-free space, away from chemical resources and materials, in tightly closed cardboard boxes.

Filling and closing conditions:

Products do not need to be seasoned, max temperature of contents 95oC,  when stacking buckets in columns, temperature of contents must be lower than 45oC.

After filling it is recommended not to stack more than 2 containers vertically.


0 , 425 kg


29 × 29 × 23 cm