Smoking dust 3-7mm alder chips – 60L


Smoking dust (alder chips) – dried and graded.

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Made of alder

Producer: HansaHake OY Estonia Türi

Amount: 60 L or 10-12 kg

Fraction: 3-7 mm

Bag dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 85 x 25 cm

Bag weight: ~10-12 kg

Instructions: Spread a thin even layer of smoke chips on the bottom of the grill or smoking pan. Light a chip or throw a pre-moistened chip into the furnace onto the burning coals. Close the lid carefully. Smoking time depends on the size, quantity and species of fish / meat. The product is flammable, autoignition in 200 °C. Children should not use without adult supervision.


12 kg


50 × 85 × 25 cm