Electric sausage stuffer 12L


Suitable for hunters and at home sausage makers.

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Large Capacity: Stainless Steel Electric Sausage Stuffer has a capacity of 12 liters. This means that you can make a large quantity of sausage in one go, saving time and effort.

Variable Speed Control: The stuffer comes with a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed from slow to fast. This feature ensures that you can make sausage at the pace that suits you best, making the process more efficient.

Durable Construction: This stuffer is made of type 304 stainless steel, a material renowned for its durability. Additionally, the removable stainless steel tilt-out canister makes cleaning the stuffer quick and easy.

Multiple Tube Attachments: The stuffer comes with four different stainless steel funnels 16mm 22mm 32mm 38mm. This allows you to make sausage in different sizes and shapes, ensuring that you can meet the needs of your customers.

Easy-to-Use: The stuffer has a simple and straightforward design that makes it easy to use. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced sausage-makers, as it doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge.


Stainless steel

It comes with 4 different caliber stainless steel tube: 16, 22, 32 and 38 mm diameter

Can be sprayed in sheep and hog casings

Hopper capacity: 12 L

Outside dimensions (L x W x H): 630 x 330 x 300 mm

Cylinder dimensions: Ø219 x 320 mm

Weight: 29 kg

240V / 50Hz / 1Phase 50 Watt

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 63 × 33 × 30 cm