Can leakproofness tester


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Empty tin can without lid.
Screw the screw head of the control unit through the lid of the can until the rubber seal is firmly against the lid.
Connect the device to the compressed air hose, press carefully, gradually to a pressure of approx. 2 bar.
In the case of “easy open” lids with a butterfly, approx. 1.5 bar until the lid opens.
Then place the box in a water bath to check the box for leaks.
If you see air bubbles rising between the box lids, this is a sign that the box roller is not airtight.
Reset the cover rollers.
Repeat the test with a new box until the cover setting is appropriate and no air bubbles appear between the rollers.
The setting of the cover rollers must be correct in order to preserve the lacquer layer of the box and lid roller.
If the lacquer layer is damaged, corrosion will occur on the box roller.

NB! Be careful when using the device!
Use a test mask, protective gloves, goggles to prevent volatile pieces of metal from getting into your eyes and hands in the event of a box breakage!


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