About Us

Thank you for visiting the online shop of AS Veikand!

Our company has supplied materials, additives and equipment for the Estonian food industry for nearly 20 years. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of individuals who wish to make bread, cheese, yogurt, blood sausage, etc themselves at home. Since our existing warehouse did not allow to service these customers, we decided to offer these products to the customers via an online shop. Now HoReCa companies, farmers, hunters, housewives, hobby chefs and all others have the opportunity to purchase our products more comfortably. Technological support, recipies, instruction manuals and recommendations are still available from our specialists, whose contacts can be found at our home page www.veikand.ee

Shopping in our online shop is safe, all of the products for sale are in stock and are quickly accessible. Payments can be made via our partner banks LHV, SEB and Swedbank. If you wish to pick the purchased items up yourself, you can receive your items from our warehouse (Välja tn. 7 Pärnu) straight after payment. This way you can save money on transportation costs as well. Our product selection is updated regularly!

Happy shopping!

Andrus Sonts
Managing director
AS Veikand